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Our E-Melt and X-melt series cover all the needs of the market: box closing with and without treatment , palletizing, cases based on cartonboard , bags based on paper .Our adhesives are designed to guarantee the stability in hard temperature conditions. Both product lines are formulated to optimize consumption and maximum reduction of MOAH and MOSH. Focus on food grade application , no toxic, high resistent to the oxidation, free of impurities.
carton corrugado
botellas de plastico


E-tack series include application such as: paper/paper: paper/PET,PP,PVC.
Our labelling adhesives for carbonated beverages bottles, in high speed lines cover all the range of market needs.


E-tack series includes some range of hotmelt to stick : Spring Pocket
What ever material foam converting apply by automatic and manual spray,
Long open time to assure immediate bonding to smooth, no porous material
Two different bases to produce  these kind of adhesives:
Medium and high viscosities:
Long open time
Light color, odorless

eurotack hot mel colchones
Embalaje flexible y el nuevo diseño Bio-waxes
bio wax

Flexible packaging and the new Bio-waxes

Corrugated Cartonboard. Flutting, curtain  and liner application
Different products  are used for the coating of corrugated cartons using a curtain coater.
Theses waxes must have the ability to form a continuous film or curtain of wax.
Coating wax

A. Not sealable:
for glossy paper which needs a combination of high gloss and flexibility of the coating, and a low scuff.

B. Sealable ( Ternmosealing waxes ) :
Banderole for yogurts, paper for sealing to wrap different food-stuff.

C. Laminating waxes:
These laminating waxes, are specially developed for the manufactuing of butter and margarine wrappers. They are recommended for wrappers, which must not only be grease resistant, but also waterproof.

Other use : lamination for instance: paper/paper, aliminium/tissue.
Key advantages: Flexibility: good adhesion to the supports: resistance against delamination



E tack offers a range of hotmelt for this application
Designed for efficient production

High tack to resists extreme tension
Faster processing.
We include markets for the industry of:
Automotive, considering working together with the client to obtain the best possible result given the demanding nature of these applicacions.
Air filters
Wood, D3 compliant, used for paper lining.

encuadernacion eurotack


E-melt series designed after years of experience coming from our customers requests.

  • Spine glue
  • Side glue
  • Magazines
  • Yellow, white, transparent
bio wax


Priority market for Eurotack we offer our Bio waxes line to accommodate the new demands of the market
Products free of mineral oils, friendly to the environment, to get the COMPOST grade.

  • Gum base gum market
  • Cheese coating waxes
  • Candy coating waxes
Embalaje flexible y el nuevo diseño Bio-waxes
neumatico  ceras especiales eurotack


Serie E-wax
E-wax fort his market has the specific functionality of protecting rubber and tires from ozone and weather conditions.
We have designed the E-wax series bimodal and stardard according to the needs of the clients.


Higiene / Non-woven

E-tack series E-tack series are formulated to cover this market of the segment of disposable products such as baby diapers, adult diapers, feminine higiene and disposable medical products
We include:

  • positionating adhesives
  • For diapers construction
  • For gluing diapers elastic

It is a sensitive sector for Eurotack that is linked to people´s health and well-being. The range of adhesives are designed to get great cohesive and adhesive force. Manufactured in pillow as they are pressure sensitive materials, we offer different sizes according to the clients requirements.